Developing A Basic Understanding

The IT industry is a constantly changing environment. Adapt and survive or else, should be the motto. When I started in computers and technology a state of the art machine was a Franklin PC 5000, which included dual 5.25 floppy drives, 64k ram, a VGA monitor, and ran Disk Operating System (DOS). Basic was the language to learn.

It is truly amazing how fast computers have changed since then. Recently, I decided that I would take up learning Python 2.7 in pusuit of a career in the DevOps field. I have achieved this through the use of and . Both of these resources are excellent at learning the fundamentals.

DevOps is a new term utilizing Agile and Lean methodologies to bring development and operations together. There is the “CAMS” (Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing) acronym popularized by John Willis and Damon Edwards. When you think DevOps, think continuous, think automated, think security, think network.

After much research, I have found a list of tools that I will be showing others how to use, install and setup. Follow along and maybe you can learn something useful along the way.


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